Sunday, August 30, 2015

Good & Bad News Regarding NFL Sunday Night Football In The UK

There is some good and bad news where it comes to the NFL's Sunday Night Football coverage in the United Kingdom.

As many know, Channel 4 has opted not to have the Sunday night games on its station from this season onwards so there was an opening for another channel to pick up the rights.

Well, they were scooped up alright.

Sky Sports will now present the games. It's sort of good news for me as it means three games in a row on a Sunday without having to switch channels. Don't forget there'll be three weeks in the season when there will be four games starting in the afternoon when you factor in the Wembley fixtures, but that's getting ahead of myself.

The bad news is obviously the fact that Sunday Night Football has now moved from a terrestrial channel to Satellite meaning there will be a lot less potential eyeballs on the sport.

This is bad.

It's bad for those that think there will be a British franchise (there won't, but that really is getting ahead of myself!) because the fact that no terrestrial channel is picking up regular season NFL football is a dreadful sign especially to the suits in the league who are dead-set against moving a team over here.

Don't be fooled by what you read - there are people against a British side.

One positive from the move to Sky, however, is that the final six weeks of the season will be simulcast live on Sky One. This means people who don't subscribe to the premium sports packages could catch games with playoff implications.

As noted, it doesn't affect me that much as I'll still be able to catch the games. It's the ones that can't that I feel for.

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