Friday, August 14, 2015

Introducing The Spreadex NFL SuperChallenge

If you've read this blog at any point during an American football season, you've surely read a post or two where I have written about the SuperContest.

For those that do not know - the SuperContest is Las Vegas' biggest American football handicapping competition that runs throughout the entire football season.

Competitors ante up around £900 and must predict the outcomes of five games each week with the overall winner being crowned at the close of week seventeen.

I was part of a syndicate that entered in 2012 or 2013 (we were abysmal!). I had wanted to enter the contest before and after then, but it would require having to go to Las Vegas and then finding a proxy who would be willing to enter my picks each week.

So, I thought the next best thing would be to try and see if any British bookmakers would do something similar. I went on a mini campaign a while back. I wrote letters to some of the bigger firms in the UK and Ireland. The response was flat.

However, earlier this summer; I noticed that a spread betting firm - Spreadex - is doing a similar contest for its customers.

I doubt I am wrong when I state this, but the Spreadex NFL SuperChallenge is the first British-based NFL betting contest.

The rules are similar to the Vegas comps in that each participant has to pick five games against the spread every week during the season with a portion at the top of the leaderboard come early January winning a share of the prizepool. This pool will consist of all the entry fees (it's £250 per player with a maximum of 2 entries per person).

I will be entering this. I have already made the first step by signing up to become a Spreadex customer. The deadline falls just before the first game in September, so there is enough time for you all to consider entering by yourself or getting a group together and splitting the cost and sharing the picks every week.

It goes without saying that I'll be writing about how I am doing with frequent updates.

If you'd like to find out more, the information can be found in the picture I have attached to this page. You can also simply follow this link to the Spreadex NFL SuperChallenge Page.

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