Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Emmerdale Blows Up (Again)

I don't know if it has already happened yet (I'm typing this on Monday afternoon) but in this week's Emmerdale there is going to be a huge stunt that has piqued my interest.

According to the newspapers I have read, there will be a car exploding near gas canisters. This will then prompt the canisters to go up and end up engulfing a helicopter that's flying overhead.

Wow. What a stunt.

The problem, however, is the show has far too many of these dramatic scenes. I know it's a soap opera, but it's so unrealistic.

I think of all the programmes in this genre, Emmerdale must have the highest death rate. Am I also right in thinking that it's the place with the smallest community in comparison to, say, Coronation Street or Eastenders?

With all that stated, I will watch. Curiosity will kill this cat.

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