Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hulk Hogan's Rant

I woke up yesterday morning to the news that Hulk Hogan has become public enemy number one with World Wrestling Entertainment.

The reports I read stated that his name had been removed from nearly every spot of World Wrestling Entertainment's website. His merchandise was also pulled.

Something big was brewing.

I was aware that Hogan was in the midst of legal proceedings against the company that sold his sex tape. I figured they found some dirt on him from that.

And I was sort of right.

The full story was released later in the day and it contained dialogue between Hogan and the woman in the tape where he said the 'N' word a number of times.

Like many other fans, Hulk Hogan was the guy who first drove me to pro wrestling but there is nothing that can be said right now that can defend what has been reported.

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