Thursday, June 11, 2015

"It's (Still) Not Us.. It's (Still) You."

It has been four days since I published a post where I mentioned that I was having problems playing some of Now TV's content on my iPad.

The good news is the issue was fixed earlier this week. The bad? Well, the bad is Now TV emailed me yesterday asking me to clear my cache.

As noted, a trip to Twitter will prove the issue hit a lot of people using Apple's operating system. Even the person in charge of the Now TV Help Twitter handle was 'aware of the issue with iOS devices'.

I told you back on Sunday that they would do the good old 'Clear Your Cache' routine. In individual cases, it's probably a worthwhile attempt of a fix. Not in the case. The issue was their end.

Not mine.

My request for a few days added to my subscription for this incident has fallen on deaf ears blind eyes.

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