Monday, August 04, 2014

My New Websites Pt. 3 : Introducing

19th February 2018 Update - has closed

Over the past few days, I have written about some of the websites that I have created this year. In today's final part, I'm going to share with you the final site on the list -

I have been promoting sports betting brands on my blogs and websites for quite some time now, so thought I would go in another direction and promote their casinos as well.

On the website will be a directory of some of the most popular casino websites online as well as information and advice. I also intend to have a 'Casino of the Month' where I can showcase a particular company every four weeks. is a work in progress, though. I officially launched it on August 1st with eleven reviews along with an advice page. I hope to add more content as the months go by.

And that's it. Please visit the three websites I have introduced you to and spread the word. The more eyes on them, the more I know the time I have spent working on was worthwhile.

The list of blogs and websites can be viewed to the right.

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