Friday, January 17, 2014

An Idea About Foreign WWE Pay-Per-Views

I have been reading up a lot about the new WWE Network that will launch next month and an idea struck me that may work out okay for fans in foreign countries.

As most, if not all, Pay-Per-View events are going to be aired over the network, it cuts out some fear the company has about filming an event from outside of the Americas.

The last time WWE promoted a major PPV was the SummerSlam of 1992. As the show was taped on a Saturday night in London and then aired the following Monday, a low buyrate was blamed on the match results getting out and people deciding not to purchase the event.

As an aside - I believe Hulk Hogan in the midst of his year off played more of a factor in to the low orders.

With the new network, WWE doesn't really have to worry about that any more.

Sort of.

Barring anything big going down with the PPV suppliers - and there has been some concern shown by Direct TV in the USA - WWE will still need to promote shows for PPV despite giving them away for a bargain price on the WWE Network.

However, the main company focus will rest on the aforementioned network. It's possible that a PPV could air live on the Internet-based channel and then be broadcast at its regular airing time for cable and satellite customers.

It's win/win for WWE.

It's unlikely that this is going to happen any time soon. It's just something that I would like to see happen one day. After all, it has been years since a regular WWE show has been promoted overseas.

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