Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thoughts On The Ultimate Warrior Being Inducted Into The WWE Hall Of Fame

It was not surprising to see The Ultimate Warrior announced as being the first name to be inducted at this year's World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame.

I had predicted he would be one of the inductees when I wrote predictions for 2014. I sensed that he would be after seeing him build bridges of sorts with Vince McMahon in the latter part of 2013 after signing a deal to appear in the WWE video game.

Warrior now becomes another name that McMahon has brought back for a payday after a public falling out.

He hadn't worked for WWE since 1996. The last time the company promoted him - other than for the launch of the aforementioned game - was for a 2005 DVD, The Self Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. As the title suggests, this was a documentary that placed the wrestler in a bad light. It led to Warrior attempting to sue WWE for libel.

And now all is forgiven.


This news is great for WWE and Ultimate Warrior fans. It's a good coup for Vince McMahon and a nice pay-off for Warrior.

However, I can't shake off the feeling that this will end with another falling out further on down the road.

Call it 'learning from past history'.

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