Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Managing. Badly.

It had been many years since I last played a football management simulation game. I guess it must have been Championship Manager 2001. If that. Last week, whilst looking through Twitter, I came upon a tweet advertising Football Manager 2014 for iOS.

The aforementioned Twitter surf cost me £6.99.

It has also deprived me of sleep.

I have been consumed trying to keep Cardiff City in the Premier League (I couldn't) and then trying to get them out of the Championship via promotion (couldn't do that, either).

I'm currently playing in my third season and trying my best to get Cardiff up.

Still, it has been fun.

To be honest - I was never good at those games back then, either. Doing badly at them in 2014 is just the same as 2001.

If you have an Apple iPad, I recommend the purchase. It's a really cool time killer.

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