Thursday, January 30, 2014

Reaction To Jake Roberts Being Announced For The WWE Hall Of Fame

It was cool to see Jake 'The Snake' Roberts announced as being in this year's WWE Hall of Fame.

Cool because he is on another one of his comebacks from his battles with demons. It seemed like he was constantly not being considered because World Wrestling Entertainment appeared afraid he would become too much trouble if they revealed he would be there only to show them up on the day.

I know an addict will always be an addict but, judging from what I have seen and heard from him lately, he does seem to be on top of things right now so it's only right that he gets some credit for trying to make a personal change.

Kudos must also go to 'Diamond' Dallas Page for being one of those helping him out.

As per usual, I'll have a write-up about the Hall of Fame class on the eve of WrestleMania.

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