Friday, January 31, 2014

Punk Walks

CM Punk has never come across to me as someone who marches to the beat of another drummer's drum so my initial surprise that he had walked out on World Wrestling Entertainment right before Raw on Monday night was, in a word, surprising.

When hearing the news on Wednesday, one of the many thoughts was 'how will this change the plans for WrestleMania?'

And then it dawned on me.

The possible reason why he walked out was because the plans had already changed.

Originally, Punk was meant to be placed into a match against Triple H at WrestleMania. The foundations for the feud were already in place as Punk was already in a mini-feud with one of HHH's corporate henchmen - Kane. This should have segued into the feud against Triple H in time for the big event in April.

After the crowd reaction to Daniel Bryan has intensified over the past few months - and especially during Sunday's pay-per-view, the call must have been made somewhere along the line that Bryan versus Triple H was the match for WrestleMania.

Which ultimately left Punk further out in the cold.

He'll be back. Don't know where. Don't know when.

It doesn't even have to be on a sunny day.

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