Monday, January 06, 2014

Luck Has Fighting Spirit

I woke up on Sunday morning puzzled.

Did that really happen?

I had gone to bed moments after seeing one of the greatest comeback stories that had ever been written. Only, the foolscap was made out of field turf.

Andrew Luck, and the Indianapolis Colts, were twenty-eight points down to the Kansas City Chiefs in their wild card playoff game.

I should have really known better, but I thought there was no way a team could come back from a massive deficit.

I've seen it happen countless times before.

Manning. Brady.

But not Luck.

Not until Saturday night.

The quarterback, with more than a little help from the defence, turned the game around finishing off the Chiefs by one point.

The final score : 45-44.

If there were any doubters about Andrew Luck going in last night, he has proved them wrong.

Indianapolis really does have another legend in its hands.

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