Thursday, January 02, 2014

8 & A Day

It's official - I  have now been blogging for eight years and a day.

The first post I ever published was on this very blog site on January 1st 2006 so yesterday was the eight year anniversary since that day.

I had only planned to maintain it for a year but it went on and on and now I have three blogs on the go., as it has become, has been a good avenue to vent, help people out and just to have something for me to do each day.

This year will see me publish my 3,000th post, which is kind of crazy considering I had only intended to create 365 when I started all those years ago.

The milestone will be reached in mid-April. I don't know if I'll even remember to mention it, so that's why I'm doing it now.

Back tomorrow.

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