Wednesday, May 18, 2011


It's 10:47pm on Tuesday night as I sit here and type this out.

Cardiff City were beaten by Reading in the play-offs not that long ago and I am annoyed.

Scratch that.

I am more than annoyed.

Cardiff City ALWAYS let us down in the final stretch.

Notice the capital letters there?

Last year, I was sitting with my father in the kitchen. Cardiff had choked to Blackpool in the play-off final and I noted how I didn't think they would get any closer to the Premier League. My dad, solemnly responded with 'maybe not in my lifetime. They will in yours.'

I wanted them to prove me wrong more for my father than anything else. I just wanted him to see them make it to the big time again.

There's always next season.

But, that's always the answer when you follow City.

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