Friday, April 08, 2011

Fixing iTunes

There was something on iTunes that was niggling with me for years and I couldn't be bothered changing it because I knew it would consume a lot of time. But, on Tuesday, I finally decided to fix it.

If any of you have ripped double - or triple - CDs into your iTunes library, you'll notice that the albums are split into two or three when they appear in the program.

So, to ensure that all the tracks are in order and part of one CD, it will mean editing the album information to ensure everything is right and not split up.

I have a load of double or triple albums so didn't want to spend hours changing the information. I resorted to listening to one part of the album and then having to scroll through to find disc two or three to continue but it finally got to annoy me so I decided enough was enough.

I'm now half-way through making these changes. It's a long process but it will definitely improve the listening experience.

Knowing my luck, Apple will have a way to automatically do this when a CD is inserted into the computer when they do the next iTunes software upgrade.

Or, even worse - there already is an easier way around this problem and I just haven't worked it out.

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