Saturday, April 30, 2011


It was an historic day yesterday regardless of what your opinion is of the Royal Family. They eyes of the world were on Britain and I think it delivered.

I spent all day watching the coverage of the wedding and was flicking from the BBC to ITV for the first few hours.

I eventually settled with ITV.

I recorded the BBC version (not for me!) because I didn't want to record any advertisements although I am trying hard to remember if ITV had any commercials during the day and I'm pretty confident in claiming that they didn't.

The BBC should be the first place to go for news events as it has the history in this country but it seems I've been leaning on their rivals since their coverage of last year's General Election.

I'm not saying the Beeb did a bad job yesterday, I feel ITV, and its staff, made it more fun and interesting.

I bet the ratings will say otherwise, though.

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