Wednesday, March 09, 2011

A New Betting Idea (Only For Fun, Though!)

If you read Saturday's post, you would have noticed that I have been doing silly Lucky 63 bets to pass the time before the end of the football season.

I'm only doing 1p a line stakes as the chances of me hitting all six selections is unlikely.

But - it would be incredible if they did come in.

I had another go last night by looking at all the teams in the Championship all the way down to League Two.

I checked out the previous scores and tried to find frequent results for each team. For instance; if Southend had more than four one-all draws at home I would make a note of it and go on to the next team in the league table.

When I had a shortlist of teams with their common away and home scores, I selected six games and had a bet on the correct scores.

I managed to predict two out of six (Leeds to win 2-1 and MK Dons to win 2-0).

It's probably a case of beginner's luck but I might give it another go this weekend and will post my predictions on Saturday.

Like I said, I'm only doing this for fun as I can't see there being any major returns from it. It's only a gimmicky way of betting that I have thought up of to pass the time through the latter stages of the season.

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