Sunday, January 16, 2011

U-Control Back To The Future On Blu-ray

I bought the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-ray in the sales and watched the first installment yesterday afternoon.

I originally had the films when they first came out on DVD but I gave them to my nephew when he moved away and I had planned on purchasing my own copies whenever I felt in the mood.

Well, it has now been over five years since I gave them away and - with the advent of Blu-ray - I thought the time was right.

I haven't seen any of the extras on the discs yet. What I did look at, however, was the U-Control feature which appears throughout the movie offering the viewer information on production, how the scene relates to other parts of the story and the ability to watch the original storyboard.

I've probably got this on other Universal Pictures Blu-ray movies that I own but I decided to watch it in this way as I knew the film well and it wouldn't cause a distraction.

It's a really cool idea and I'll definitely use it when I'm watching the sequels.

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