Friday, October 15, 2010

Matt Disrespects Rey

Matt Hardy has recently uploaded a video of himself, Rey Mysterio, Ron Killings and Jimmy Yang eating at a sushi restaurant.

The problem with this obviously dated video is that it includes Mysterio with his mask off.

It's definitely an attempt by Hardy to rock the already shaky boat he is sailing with his employers.

World Wrestling Entertainment have been rehabbing the damage WCW had done to Rey Mysterio's legacy by putting the mask back on the wrestler after the latter company had him unmasked for the final years they were in existence. It was a move which was seen as disrespectful to many Mexican wrestlers and fans.

WWE has done such a great job of making people forget about that point in Rey's career that it is often funny to see the Youtube videos of his WCW run and seeing the comments page where people are exclaiming their surprise at seeing him without his mask.

Hardy posting this video is being just as disrespectful to the Mexican wrestling culture as WCW was.

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