Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lightning Strikes Twice

On week one of the NFL season, I had big plans on staying up for the two live Monday night games but ended up giving up when the time came.

The reason behind my change of mind was due to a lightning storm that had delayed the kick-off. The longer the game was held-off, the later it would have been before I got to sleep.

I didn't fancy being up until well after six in the morning.

I recorded it instead.

Last night, I was in the mood to watch the Minnesota Vikings versus the New York Jets and was planning on staying up again but I made a late call to record it and watch it this morning when I woke up.

This game was delayed due to lightning as well.

The moral of this story is - it's usually best to press record than stay up waiting for an American football game because Mother Nature is going to get you either way.

Moral two - make sure you do advanced record on your DVR settings.

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