Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Dogs Are Barking

I used to get cautious when I saw a team with extra points on the point spread whenever I had a bet on American football.

Call it favouritism - I would more often than not think the favourite had a better chance of winning the game than the underdog.

It has all changed for me, though.

For the time being.

A lot of the underdogs are covering the spread so far this season. Just this past weekend, out of the dogs on my betting slip, all of them came through.

Detroit +14, San Francisco +6.5 and the one I liked the best - Washington +5.5 - covered.

The tide will change sooner or later.

The odds makers will ensure that things will even out so it will soon become a game of finding out when is the right time to jump off the dogs and start backing the favourites again.

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