Monday, September 20, 2010

Quitters And Firings

There is an article on The Sun website claiming that Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy have both quit WWE so I think the facts should be cleared up.

Chris Jericho's contract is up and last night's appearance in the main event of The Night of Champions pay-per-view was booked in a way to resemble him being finished for the time being.

Losing within the first two minutes is not something that would have been done

Matt Hardy, on the other hand, is in no position to quit.

It is highly speculated that he has been fired and him going on Twitter and YouTube to make out as if it is he who is making the decision is somewhat laughable.

As I mentioned on here recently, Hardy has been nothing but trouble for the last few weeks. He is allegedly hooked on somas (muscle relaxing pills) and has been sent home from at least two shows this month for not being in any condition to work.

WWE management - after the recent situations with Hardy - have banned any use of the drug.

The fact that they have banned its use even with the prescription of a doctor tells you how serious they are about the situation.

The only decision Hardy will possibly face over the next few days is when World Wrestling Entertainment offer him the 'Go to rehab or be fired?' choice.

The last person who I believe was offered this choice was Umaga.

Scary, huh?

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