Wednesday, September 01, 2010

My Goodbye To The Bill

I was sorry to see The Bill end last night after twenty-six years on our television screens.

It was one of the main television shows I watched religiously since the late eighties. There were a few years I stopped watching but I would always end up coming back.

The past year of the series wasn't one of my most enjoyable times as a viewer.

The move to 9pm with more grittier storylines was interesting at first but it got repetitive. I lost count with how many child abduction cases they had to resolve.

The move to the later time-slot, and the loss of a second weekly episode, should have been the red warning sign telling us that ITV were going to pull the plug.

And so they did.

I will definitely miss it but, let's be honest, the show was much better back in the day when they had characters like Frank Burnside, Tosh Lines, June Ackland, Tony Stamp and Dave Quinnan.

There were some good characters in the most previous line-up but none could match those from when the series was at its peak.

Goodbye The Bill, I will miss you.

Even though I have been missing you for years already.

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