Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Coming Out Of Retirement

My retirement from online poker ended yesterday afternoon after I downloaded and played on WWE's very own poker client.

If it didn't have the WWE logo on it - trust me - I wouldn't have bothered.

Ironically, a number of years ago - when I was playing poker all the time - I thought that it would be cool for WWE to endorse a poker website and give away prizes like replica belts and tickets to events.

This idea was in my head for a long time and it was one of the things I kicked myself for not suggesting to Jonathan Coachman when I met him in Cardiff Bay. I had heard he liked playing poker and I believe he would have been the idea guy to pass the idea on.

Well, it's four years later and everything I had thought about is here on the program. There are tournaments to win WWE belts, Toys, DVDs and even event tickets.

The only problem for me is these prize tournaments are very late for me to enter so I won't be giving it a go.

It's not for money either. Each user starts of with points in their bankroll and get a specific amount each day (I think!).

I entered a ten-seat tournament and finished in second place. Not bad for someone who hasn't played for well over a year, eh?

The problem I have with this poker site is it may draw in too many children.

The current product is G rated (well, they're attempting that approach) and I don't think poker should be something targeted towards kids. It's possible that some may win a few games and then attempt to try their luck on money sites.

Yeah, it may sound hypocritical of me to type that but you cannot disagree that I may have a point.

I doubt I will play many more games on here, though. It was fun for a one-off, I cannot see myself sitting here playing poker all the time like I was back in the day.

Oh, and the adverts are annoying!

I suppose this may be a regular thing nowadays but on the table screen I had two flashing banners - one below the table and one beside it. I detest flashing advertisements when surfing the net.

Another advert - a video one this time - would play during the table breaks. Nope, didn't want to join the armed services the first time I saw the video and still didn't after seeing it for the third time in the 3 minute break.

In closing - WWE Poker was a nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.

The idea was good, though.

It must have taken a genius to think it up.

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