Monday, September 06, 2010

The Aloisia Confusion

On last week's episode of WWE NXT, it was announced that the next season - beginning this week - will consist of rookie divas.

One of the female wrestlers unveiled to the audience was a near seven-foot tall blonde lady called Aloisia.

I was intrigued at how tall she was and wondered how she would be able to work matches with the already fragile divas on the roster. Let's be honest here, a tall lady throwing around skinny models is probably not healthy.

Regardless of how bad I envisioned things becoming, I was looking forward to seeing her on TV. It had car crash potential.

Then, on Saturday, I found out that they had written her out of the show with a short article on where it was claimed that Vickie Guerrero (her mentor on the show) had fired her before the season kicked off.

It's too out of the blue for this to be a worked angle. Something must have happened for them to change their mind so soon after debuting her on Tuesday night.

One of the interesting things of her joining World Wrestling Entertainment was she had only just signed a contract with the company.

All the other female wrestlers have been signed for months if not years and have been working for WWE's farm league - Florida Championship Wrestling.

It should also be noted that Aloisia was also featured in fetish websites for those interested in seeing tall women interact with much smaller women.

She hasn't been fired yet. But, to me, something just doesn't add up about this change in direction.

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