Sunday, September 12, 2010

Baby Steps

I was looking after my baby nephew the other day and he took his first unaided steps right in front of me.

He has started to stand himself up on his own but only manages to stay balanced for a few seconds before he either falls or sits himself down.

Thursday was a different story, however.

He did the standing up trick but this time he was balanced for longer than he - or I - am used to.

I was sitting on the sofa and looked over at him as he stood and he had this shocked look on his face possibly realising he hadn't fallen over yet. He looked down at both his arms which were outstretched balancing him and I motioned for him to come to me.

I put my arms out and he took six little runs to me.

It was amazing.

Unfortunately, I was the only one there and he wouldn't do it again when anyone else was there.

I got word yesterday that he has started doing it at his own house now. I won't be seeing him for at least another week so it's very possible he could be on to his next trick.

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