Saturday, August 21, 2010

Foley Rants, I Reply

I received an email from Amazon the other day and, within the mail, were suggestions. As this website is the place where I mainly buy books on professional wrestling, all of their recommendations were for titles from that genre.

I noticed that one of my favourites - The Wrestling by Simon Garfield - had a new cover so I clicked on the site to have a look at it.

And then I discovered a new book.

Mick Foley's about to release another autobiography.

As I had enjoyed his three previous memoirs, I immediately preordered it. I think it was called Countdown to LockDown and is more than likely picking up where Hardcore Diaries ended which will mean he will cover his departure from WWE and his debut in Total Nonstop Action.

Then, later that night, I was browsing the wrestling news sites and there was an essay written by Foley circulating the Net - possibly from his FaceBook page - where he went into a rant about how the fans of today have seemed to have lost their interest with his microphone skills.

He was amazed how he hasn't won year end awards for his promos.

I got through three paragraphs and gave up on it. It was too long and it came across whiney and self-absorbed.

Mick Foley was different. He brought something special to wrestling back in the day and I will always appreciate the things he has done.

But this?

This essay made me lose a bit of respect for him.

The fans haven't been voting him as the best promo guy in wrestling because of one main reason - he isn't the best promo guy in wrestling.

Not anymore.

His 'Me' 'Me' 'Me' approach in the few paragraphs I read are seriously making me question whether I have the tolerance to read autobiography number four if this is where his head is currently at.

Someone today said that 'his ego has taken over his soul'.

I couldn't agree more.

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