Sunday, May 26, 2019

Blazin' On Blazin' 7s

I played one of the new National Lottery scratchcards yesterday and feel it could have been produced a lot better.

£1 Blazin' 7s Scratchcard

In it, you have to scratch off six of the panels with 7s on it. If you find the National Lottery logo (crossed fingers), you win the prize that's underneath that particular panel. If - however - you find a symbol with flames on it, you win the prizes that are underneath all the panels on the card.

I have no problem with the game. I have issue with the layout.

The number seven is a theme of the game. Why don't they have seven panels rather than six?

Furthermore, I don't like the £7,000 prize.

They could have pushed the boat on and went with £7.777 to stick with the 7 theme!

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