Thursday, May 30, 2019

3 New Dairy Milks On Their Way (With Two Not Sticking Around)

I've just read that Dairy Milk has created three new bars of chocolate and customers get to choose which one remains a regular bar by voting on them.

The flavours are:

Simply The Zest - Orange flavoured chocolate with almond caramel pieces and digestive biscuit

Choca-Latte - Milk chocolate with coffee flavour creme and digestive biscuit pieces

The Raspberry Shortcake - Milk chocolate studded with raspberry pieces, white crisp pearls and shortcake

The ideas came from individuals who took part in a competition to come up with intriguing new takes on Dairy Milk flavours. I'm unsure what the winner gets other than having their chocolate bar remain in production once the votes are in.

Going by the write-up for each bar, you can forget about me endorsing Choca-Latte. The almond in Simply The Zest turns me off, so I think it's The Raspberry Shortcake.

Cadbury has announced the products will hit stores on June 1st. I will test all three if I manage to see them on my travels.

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