Monday, August 06, 2018

Barry Chuckle Passes Away

In an eerie coincidence, I listened to a discussion on Martin Kelner's Talk Radio show over a week ago where the topic of comedy double acts came up. Apparently, there was a study which found the funny one out a pairing tends to die first.

A little over a week later, Barry Chuckle, from the Chuckle Brothers, passed away. Thus being another rule to what I believe to be a flimsy case considering Stan Laurel followed Oliver Hardy to the pearly gates.

Anyway, back to Barry Chuckle and his partnership with his brother - Paul.

As somebody who was born in the final few months of the seventies, I grew up watching the early Chuckle Brothers shows. I was old school enough to know The ChuckleHounds.

The two funnymen brought many laughs to my childhood.

Barry was the funny one of the two, but that was more because Paul was such a great straight man.

They were fantastic.

If you read this post from last December, you'll recall that I mentioned seeing Barry and Paul in Pantomime when I would have been five. Unfortunately, I had no recollection of seeing them until I saw the lineup! 1984 would have been slightly before I came across their TV series' on the BBC.

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