Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The First Panto

I found myself stumbling upon an archive of British pantomimes yesterday evening. It led me to trying to figure out what the first panto I ever saw was.

It was quite easy, to be fair.

It would have been the 1982/83 season. Therefore, I must have been three-years-old.

The show was Aladdin from the New Theatre in Cardiff. The headliner was Ted Rogers. I don't remember whether Dusty Bin was with him or not!

I recall watching it and hiding behind the seats when the baddies first appeared. That's the only memory I do have of watching it.

After working out the first, I looked through the rest of the archive to see the other pantos I caught in that building.

The other shows I recall going to were:

1983 - Humpty Dumpty (Keith Harris and Orville)
1984 - Robin Hood (Ruth Madoc, Chuckle Brothers and Stu Francis)
1985 - SuperTed and the Comet of the Spooks (SuperTed cast members like Jon Pertwee, Melvyn Hayes, Victor Spinetti)
1986 - Dick Whittington (The Krankies)
1990 - Cinderella (Jonathon Morris, Janet Dibley, Windsor Davies, Hilda Brackett)
1993 - Snow White (Emily Symons, Marti Caine, Derek Griffiths)

There may have been others, but I am confident that I went to see these ones.

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