Monday, May 08, 2017

Season Handicap Winners In Leagues 1, 2 And The Championship (2016/17)

The Championship and League 2 concluded their respective regular seasons over the weekend, so I thought I would publish a post pointing out how the top four looked in the season handicap tables for the three divisions.

League 2
The winning side in this division was Plymouth. The team had an eight point head-start at the beginning of the campaign and managed to accrue 87 points. With season handicap betting the head-start points are added to the actual points to get the number, therefore, Plymouth had a total of 95.
The top four were:

  1. Plymouth 95pts (8)
  2. Exeter 91pts (20)
  3. Stevenage 91pts (24)
  4. Doncaster 90pts (5)
League 1
Fleetwood Town was the season handicap winner of League 1. The team secured 82 points in the league, but started off with 21 from the bookmakers. The favourites - Sheffield United, who were not given any points from the bookie - came in second.

  1. Fleetwood 103pts (21)
  2. Sheffield United 100pts (0)
  3. Scunthorpe 96pts (14)
  4. Bolton 95pts (9)
Punters who took Reading with 22 points at the start of the season were the winners in Championship betting. The team won 85 points during the year. Added together, they left the season with 107.
  1. Reading 107pts (22)
  2. Huddersfield 106pts (25)
  3. Brighton 105pts (12)
  4. Fulham 99pts (19)
As some of you may already be aware, I dedicate a few posts to season handicap betting in the days leading into a new season. In August of last year, I placed each-way bets on the four teams using two methods I like to use for fun. The only 'win' I had was on Brighton. I still have one league yet to run, but I might as well call it a loss already as it was... Sunderland +38.

I'll publish another post looking at the Premier League table for 2016/17 a day or so after that season ends. Then it'll be planning out the 2017/18 season bets.

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