Tuesday, May 09, 2017

Constantine Cartoon On Its Way

In early 2016, I published a post noting that I had been watching Constantine - a televiion series based on the DC Comics character. I decided to watch the first - and only - season because the title character, John Constantine, showed up in an episode of Arrow.

The comic, series and film (there is a movie that came out in 2005 starring Keanu Reeves) are about an exorcist who has to battle dark magic. I haven't read the comic nor have I watched the film, but I did enjoy TV version.

In the aforementioned post from January of last year, I mentioned that I thought it was unfortunate that the series wasn't renewed.

Well, now it has.

Sort of.

An animated series is in the works.and will air in the USA later this year (I'm unsure if it's on TV or on a streaming service, but that's beside the point - a series is being made).

The best news of all is Matt Ryan, who played the character in the live-action series and made the appearance in Arrow that kicked things off for me, will voice John Constantine. 

I hope to find a way to watch this.

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