Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Best Bond

I was very sorry to read that Roger Moore had passed away the other day.

As somebody who was born in the late-seventies, Moore was my James Bond.

He was the best Bond. In my opinion, of course.

I've fought that fight for many years. Whenever I've ever discussed who the best Bond is with family and friends, I've ALWAYS been in Roger Moore's corner.

Every few years, my parents and I would get into this argument. My mother and father both believe Sean Connery is the best, but have warmed to Daniel Craig. After finding out about Moore's passing, I couldn't resist the opportunity. I broke the news that 'The best James Bond has died.'

'Sean Connery?'
'No.. Roger Moore.'

My favourite James Bond movies are Moonraker and A View to a Kill. Moore played Bond in both of them. It's hard for me to make a case for any other actor when the two favourite 007 flicks feature the same actor in the role of Bond.

What I've enjoyed doing the past day or so is reading of people's interactions with Moore. I've read some great stories about the actor. I had never met him, but do have his autograph in my collection. He sent it to me in the mid-80s. Possibly when he was about to play Bond for the very last time in the aforementioned A View to a Kill.

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