Sunday, March 12, 2017

So.. I Entered A Prize Draw 'For A Laugh'

I had an email from Now TV a few weeks back. As a subscriber to the service, they asked me to answer a few questions and then be entered into a prize draw to win a pillowcase of my favourite show.

When it came time to select the show, I was given a lot of programmes that I have never watched.

Nor will I ever plan to watch!

For example - Ex on the Beach.

Anyway, of the four or five programmes listed, there was only one series that I watch. And that was Supergirl, so - for a laugh - I ticked that box.

I genuinely didn't think I would win. But..

..look what came in the post the other day.

It didn't work as well as this back a few years ago when I entered a competition every single a day for an entire year. I won a DVD and book in The 2010 Challenge (read about it in this post), but that's a 2-363 record.

I'm 1-0 in 2017. 

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