Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Two NFL Stories I've Followed This Week

I have been following the latest NFL news now that the new league year has begun and some players have entered free agency.

There are two stories that have interested me the most. The first is the situation with Brock Osweiler. The second concerns Tony Romo.

Osweiler, who was due to be paid $16 Million by the Houston Texas was traded to the Cleveland Browns. The Texans gave the Browns a second round draft pick as well as the quarterback. It was - to be frank - a deal just to wipe Oseiler off the books. The Browns are apparently planning to offload the player, so it was all about the Texans parting with Osweiler and the Browns claiming the draft pick.


The Tony Romo situation is simple - he's leaving Dallas. Whether it's by a trade or if he'll end up being cut hasn't been determined yet. I guess the fact that he hasn't been cut means the Cowboys are still holding out hope that another team come in for him.

Ironically, the two stories that I'm following might end up being related. It's very possible that Houston is the team that ends up with Romo.

It'll be one to watch out for when the trade - or cut - is made.

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