Monday, January 04, 2016

Black Monday 2016

It's the NFL's Black Monday.

The day after the season when some of the under-fire head coaches are.. fired.

Or allowed to go.

Either way, there's some reshuffling being done today.

Here are some of the names I expect to be gone either today or by the end of the week.

Chuck Pagano is surely leaving Indianapolis. Shame, because I like him.

There has been talk that Mike Pettine's stay at Cleveland is coming to a halt.

It wouldn't surprise me if Jim Caldwell was let go by Detroit.

Tom Coughlin might be allowed to walk his way out the door of the New York Giants as he won them two Super Bowls. I'm sure I wrote something similar this time last year. I'm going to get it right sooner or later. Once again, he's another coach whose teams I liked watching (especially when they're upsetting New England in Super Bowls!).

Jason Garrett at Dallas is going to be a tough one as I think he has a huge contract in place. I think he'll have an extra year. BUT.. I would not be shocked to see him depart Dallas if the axe does fall.

And if you think my Garrett pick is out there, I am going to throw out another one - Sean Payton. Yes, I know - he said he is staying on in New Orleans. But, we'll see.

(The above post was written on Sunday before any games have been played)

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