Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Walkers Crisps Winner 2014

The new Walkers crisps Do Us A Flavour competition winning flavour has been announced and it was the Pulled Pork in a Sticky Barbecue Sauce that ended up being the people's vote.

I reviewed each flavour in August and here's what I wrote about the idea:

Congratulations to 'Paul' for coming up with something that nearly every restaurant and supermarket appears to be going out of their way to promote. I'm unsure how long the pulled pork craze is going to last, but it was a wise choice to come up with this as a competition entry. As for the taste of the crisp, I wasn't sold on it only because I have eaten so many barbecue-based crisps in the past that were so much better.

And I still stand by that. The entry was clever and Paul deserves the win for that alone.

I preferred Beans on Toast from taste, but Pulled Pork certainly was the winner from an idea standpoint.

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