Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A Comedy Of Error

I thought I had broken the blog yesterday after noticing it was down.

What happened was this - I was trying out a link on a PDF I was creating and, as a test - I typed in

I clicked the link, and was met by 'Page Not Found'. I tried again. Nothng. And again. Still nothing.

I went into my domain settings and even ended up trying to contact Go Daddy support (11 minute wait, so I gave up).

It turned out that Go Daddy had some major DNS issues and that's why the blog was down.

What timing, though?

Had I not been playing around with the desktop publisher, I would have carried on with the day while the blog was in the middle of nowhere.

With a bit of luck, you're reading this today.

Or, without luck, you'll catch it when the blog's back up.

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