Thursday, August 21, 2014

Through A Screen

I was reading some news websites yesterday and came across the headline 'Kate Bush Doesn't Want You To Take Photographs At Her Upcoming Shows'.

Reading on, the article stated that Bush had announced - via her website - that she wanted to have an intimate setting when she takes up residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in September and has asked all patrons to refrain from taking photos or filming.

I'm not with her on the photograph request. If people want to take a quick snap to treasure, then they should.

What I do agree with is the filming.

It bugs the hell out of me to see people at concerts, sporting events and the like with their eyes fixed directly on their tablet screens ensuring they're getting a good view.

It genuinely makes me shake my head. Is there any point going to these venues to sit or stand there all night watching it all from a screen?

I figure Kate Bush has more important reasons why she doesn't want her concerts recorded. I just hope she gets her wish as I'd hate a like-minded person to be peeved off seeing others viewing the performance through a screen.

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