Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Host Is Deserving Of A Roast

I watched The Host the other night.

The film is an adaption of Stephanie Meyer's science fiction novel about a young girl who dies whilst trying to escape from aliens who are invading Earth.

The aliens take over human bodies and so the young girl's body is possessed by an alien spirit. The only problem is the soul of Melanie is still inside her body so there is a conflict between Melanie and the alien - Wanderer.

Wanderer - or Wanda as she is later named - turns to be a good alien and helps Melanie's body escape and make it back to her boyfriend.

As you would expect from a Stephanie Meyer written novel, the heroine is conflicted by two loves. However, it is done with a unique twist as the soul of Melanie is still in love with her boyfriend whilst the body/spirit of Wanda has fallen for another guy.

I would go far as to state that I think the idea was good but the movie dialogue was abysmal and that ruined my enjoyment of the film.

The voice/conscience of Melanie was cringe worthy. If we were supposed to have felt empathy for the dead girl, which I am 99% certain of, it didn't work just because of how her dialogue was written.

I would have much preferred Wanda to remain inside the body of Melanie.

I guess that means I'm on Team Wanda, right?

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