Thursday, September 12, 2013

Jim Ross Retires

It was announced yesterday that Jim Ross is no longer an employee of World Wrestling Entertainment.

In all my years following professional wrestling, Jim Ross - without question - has been the best commentator.

He has called some of the most iconic matches in the modern day history of wrestling so the news that he is no longer working for WWE should have come as a surprise to every WWE fan.

Only, that's not how it played out.

Foe the past few years, the best commentator in the business had been misused by the company and had been replaced by people who were not as good.

He was literally AWOL from our screens. I would hazard a guess that run-of-the-mill fans would have thought he had left long ago.

The reasons behind his departure could have had something to do with the video game symposium that took place on the eve of SummerSlam which Ross hosted.

The company was evidently embarrassed by what went down at the event. According to some reliable wrestling news sources, they expected some sort of schism between the commentator and WWE not long afterwards.

Ross met with Vince McMahon yesterday and the announcement was made later on that he was to explore 'personal business endeavours'/

I hope he gets an autobiography published now. That should make for interesting reading.

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