Sunday, August 04, 2013

Another Peculiar Week In Wrestling

Both World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action had newsworthy weeks.

WWE was on a tour of South Africa. On one of the shows, an intruder entered the ring during Randy Orton's victory celebration and gave Orton a low blow.

This attack made the news websites. However, I initially thought it was a work as WWE seemed to be hyping the story in the way they would for regular angles.

It also didn't help my suspicions when I found out that the guy was an independent wrestler who, according to his logic, wanted to make a name for himself.

I don't know what to make of it, if I am to be perfectly honest.

The reason for me sitting on the fence on whether I believe it to be a work or not is the fact that Tshepo Sekhabi did end up getting charged. He has been ordered to either pay a fine of five hundred rand or settle for thirty days imprisonment.

Over in TNA, the company debuted Tito Ortiz.

The former UFC, and current Bellator fighter, will be involved with the company and play a role in the TNA/Bellator relationship with Spike TV.

That wasn't all, however.

After the show, Kurt Angle was arrested for driving under the influence yet again.

This, I believe, is the fourth or fifth time the former Olympic gold medallist has been caught in this state.

It's a shame and scary all wrapped into one. There are far too many red flags flaring up with Angle.

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