Thursday, July 04, 2024

Going To The Polls

With today being election day here in the UK, I was anticipating which side The Sun would stand. The newspaper always manages to find itself on the side of the eventual winning party and - for the past few weeks, since Rishi Sunak announced the General Election - I had anticipated a change in the paper's stance.

It had, for the past fourteen years or so, been a Tory paper. It was one right up to a day ago. Here's the headline from today's edition.

The Sun (July 4 2024)

The interesting thing about The Sun siding with Labour is a strong portion of its readership would likely side with Reform UK. 

Even in the 'Sun Says' column when it announces its support for Labour, you can sense they would have opted for Reform had Reform been in with a chance of doing anything significant today.

When I write 'anything significant', I mean doing more than potentially being the main opposition once the dust settles.

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