Wednesday, July 10, 2024

A Week On

It has been close to a week since I watched Beverly Hills Cop IV (I still refuse to call it Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F) and I am still walking around in a daze.

As I wrote shortly after viewing, the film stunned me because I had low expectations going in. The nostalgia trip - and good feeling - I had from watching the movie was something I hadn't completely felt with other sequels.

I for sure didn't feel that way after watching Episodes VII to IX of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga (and it should have). I suppose the closest to a warm fuzzy feeling - from a recent sequel movie - was when they had a CGI of the late Harold Ramis posthumously return to his role of Egon Spengler to help his Ghostbusters friends at the conclusion of Ghostbusters: Afterlife (I should call it Ghostbusters III). 

Beverly Hills Cop IV is amazing. Ignore any of the negative criticism it has received. The fans know better on this one.

Beverly Hills Cop IV

One of the things I have done this past week is watch a handful of reviews on YouTube. It was welcoming to see the love for the Beverly Hills Cop series. It was also cool to see that a few of the reviewers had Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F (Damn, I said I wouldn't title it that!) as the second-best of the four films. I feel it beat the second movie by a nose.

Another thing I learned from my post-BHC IV tour of news and reviews is that there are plans to go with a fifth film. 

If it's anything like the fourth, it's going to be another blast. I welcome it.

The heat is back. It really is.

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