Sunday, June 02, 2024

The Surreal 2/6

I realised something eerie over the past few days.

It first began on Friday morning. I was on YouTube and had been recommended a video of an early 1990s episode of Family Feud.

I've been watching earlier editions of the game show which starred Richard Dawson. I hadn't seen any with Ray Combs at the helm but was aware he was the show's MC during the late-80s right through to 1994 mainly because he popped up a few times on WWF TV when I was a child. I was also aware Combs had passed away not long after he was replaced on Family Feud by his predecessor.

Family Feud - Ray Combs

I had always assumed Conbs had died in a car accident. That's because I remember reading he had been in a car crash back when I was a child.

On Friday, I was stunned to read Combs had died by own hand after being sectioned following a mental breakdown hours earlier. He was found hanged in the closet of his hospital room.

The eeriness of the timing struck me when I realised the twenty-eighth anniversary of Combs' passing was two days from when I found out about it. 

That's today.

But, it gets even more surreal.

Family Feud - Richard Dawson

As noted above, the producers of Family Feud brought Richard Dawson back to replace Combs in '94. 

Dawson has also since passed away. He lost a battle with cancer in 2012. Why do I consider it eerie? Well - his death also took place on a June 2nd.

It's surreal to acknowledge both men as being linked through not only Family Feud, but also as sharers of June 2nd as the days they left us.

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