Thursday, April 04, 2024

The First Of 2024

Without giving too much away, it looks like I could very well have watched the first movie of the 2024 Diet of Christmas Films by this time next week.

If not sooner.

I have WrestleMania and regular TV to watch over the coming days. However, by next week, I should have some free time to catch a movie that was brought to my attention yesterday.

All I am going to write about it, right now, is this: it's from 1984 and I would have loved it had I came across it as a child back then.

It's certainly worthy of having the distinction of being the first movie in this year's marathon.

Yes - I might be hyping this up more than I really should be.

You'll find out what it is on Christmas morning.

You only have a 265 day wait.

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