Wednesday, March 13, 2024

The Cat Show

I don't watch This Morning regularly. However, it was on in the living room yesterday, so - seeing as it is the first week for the new hosts:  Cat Deeley and Ben Shepherd - I stuck around for a while.

This Morning

The most prominent thing I noticed is Deeley seems to want to talk over the people. She also appears to have an annoying tendency to try and know better than the 'guest'.

For example, they had Glynis Barber in the studio to talk about tricks to battle age. Deeley sort of took over by telling Barber about her own tricks.

Then, in a following segment when they had John Torode in cooking Thai food, the new presenter kind of took over from that talking about herself and Thai food. 

I'll be fair and conclude it's nerves. But, if it continues like this, I can assure you the people at home will begin to find her insufferable.

Or, I may already be late for that. 

Before finishing off this post, I had a search and Twitter/X. It seems the complaints are already coming in. And they're along the same issues I had.

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