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On This Day And Beyond: December 5 1993

Today is the thirtieth anniversary of the World Wrestling Federation's first-ever visit to Wales when the company hosted an event at the Cardiff International Arena.

The show was headlined by Yokozuna defending the WWF Championship against The Undertaker. 

I've already written about the day, and night, many times. However, I recommend checking out The Night The WWF Came To Town - a post I published ten years ago.

In that post, I wrote about the entire card and also gave detail on meeting all of the wrestlers at their hotel earlier in the day.

It's still one of favourite memories as a wrestling fan. 

In order to share something in addition to pointing you to the aforementioned post, I thought I'd share some snippings I made from a newspaper archive I have been reading for the past week and a bit.

I used to work as a paperboy for the South Wales Echo back in '93. I recalled seeing photographs of the WWF show on the back page of the paper the following day. When I knew that I was writing a post about the 30th anniversary, I knew I had something extra for this post.

I can remember exactly what I thought when I saw the photos: I wondered to myself 'why didn't they stay?' because the only match the paper covered was the opener between Rick 'The Model' Martel and The 1-2-3 Kid.

Little did I know back then I would still think the same thing almost thirty years later!

Fortunately, I still have my own photographs from both the day and the night of the event. 

WWF in Cardiff 1993: South Wales Echo Coverage

I've just noticed that the print states that the date on the Echo was 'Thursday 24th November, 1993'. I can assure you it should read 'Monday 6th December, 1993'. 

WWF in Cardiff 1993: South Wales Echo Coverage

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