Wednesday, December 20, 2023


A betting angle I have been following intently this season hit a couple of potholes over the weekend.

Thursday Betting

As mentioned at the start of this month, I've noticed a pattern where the home teams on Thursday Night Football games have covered the spread in the following week.

The teams, listed on the far left of the table, have so far gone 11-3 against the spread in 2023. However, the recent run of five consecutive wins was halted on Saturday when the Pittsburgh Steelers, who were +1.5 underdogs to the Colts, lost 30-13 in Indianapolis.

New England, who played the Steelers in week fourteen, also failed to cover the spread by losing 17-27 to the Kansas City Chiefs. 

The Pats were +9.5 road dogs, so barely missed out on the cover.

As it stands, every qualifying team that has been eligible for this strategy is 18-12 against the spread with a few weeks remaining of the 2023 regular season. 

The teams to watch this week are Las Vegas, who will face Kansas City on Monday night (an additional day to prepare, but will be facing the Super Bowl Champions) and the Chargers - who will meet Buffalo on Saturday night. 

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